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Armure \aʁ.myʁ\ (nf.) : arrangement of the threads in a fabric which resembles the interlinked structure of chain mail, a ribbed structure material worn to protect the body in battle.

L'ARMURE is derived from the French word "Armure," and the initial ‘'L'' stands for Life. 

As a sports fashion brand with "Your Activewear Anytime Anywhere" as our slogan, we want to convey the idea that clothing is like armor protecting the body and accompanying us through various scenes of life.

In the late winter of 2017, L’ARMURE started with the idea "self-discipline brings freedom," dedicated to designing clothes that fit people’s wearing experiences, and not limited to occasions. Whether it is business, sports, or casual, you can always find your unique style at L’ARMURE.

The action of self-discipline starts with exercise. Put on L’ARMURE, enjoy exercising, and embrace the comfortable and confident life.